5 Money Saving Tips for Online Shopping!

Online Shoppping


I want to share my favorite five online shopping tips because I love to shop; yet, I don’t always find pleasure going into stores when I need (or want) something.  I have become an avid online shopper because of the convenience that it offers.  When I shop, I always try to look for a good bargain so I am going to share with you five ways to save and at time earning money.  These are my five online shopping tips below.

Online Shopping

Cash Back/Rebate Websites:  Who would ever think you could earn money just from shopping online.  When I first learned about a site that gives you cash back from your online purchases, I thought it was too good to be real.   Now, I want to know why I didn’t know about this sooner. The largest site for this concept is Ebates.  You may have seen TV commercials featuring this site.  You can earn not only by shopping but through referring people and the people you refer get dollars for signing up.  You login in using the Ebates website but when you look up a store, the affiliate link takes you directly to the retailer’s website.   I have been using this process for about a year and have already earned quarterly checks in the mail for $300.  You also have the option of choosing a gift card from a variety of retailers if you prefer that rather than waiting on a check to arrive.

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  • Flash Sales Sites:  Two websites I check daily are Hautelook or Rue-La-La.  I love owning designer items yet I don’t typically purchase them unless there is a discount involved.  Flash sale websites are where brands put a variety of items on sale for a short  period of time usually 3-4 days.  Nordstrom owns Hautelook and the markdowns tend to be higher than Rue-La-La which is a site where you see luxury brands (ie: Prada, Hermes, Chanel).


  • Online Coupons:  Before I order online, I is login to a website called Retail-Me-Not.  This site will give you coupon codes (online and in-store) for thousands of retailers.  The coupons can be a % or $ off codes as well free gifts with your purchase.  You can combine these coupon codes along with the cash back websites so you have two types of discounts in one order.

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  • Daily Deals:  Is there anyone that doesn’t know about Groupon or Living Social.  Their daily emails about new deals available in my area are a highlight of my day.  Have I mentioned that I enjoy shopping?!  I haven’t paid full price for a massage in years.  I also enjoy the opportunity of trying great restaurants.  I will even check for deals if I am traveling because who doesn’t like to save money when you are out of town. Don’t forget to use your cash back website!


  • Free Shipping:  I mention this tip right after online coupons because many times I find free shipping codes on Retail-Me-Not.  There are only a few exceptions but I recommend trying to never pay for shipping when you order online.  Sometimes you need a coupon but most retailers don’t charge shipping if you make a minimum dollar purchase and it is usually clearly stated on their website.  There are retailers such as J.C. Penney that will let you ship it to the store for free even when you aren’t spending their set amount for free shipping to your home.  While this is less convenient, I have done this if it is a retailer where I am in the area frequently.


I would enjoy hearing from you of some of your online shopping tips that I may be missing.  I hope that these online shopping tips help some of you save some money while you are shopping from your computer.


37 thoughts on “5 Money Saving Tips for Online Shopping!

  1. I was recently turned onto Amazon Review Trader for finding neat little luxuries or new products to try at reduced costs (usually with free shipping through Amazon).

    Loyalty programs (like Kohls VIP program) offer additional savings offers, and I love Amazon prime–it might be a chunk of upfront cash, but the benefits throughout the year between the fast, free shipping and the streaming media end up saving me a small fortune every year.

    I’m still getting the hang of the rebate sites, but I like the Shopkick app best of the ones I’ve tried so far.

  2. These are great tips! I love shopping online because there is so much more available online than in stores and you can find such great deals! Thanks for sharing your tips!

  3. Such great ideas. I try to remember to look for coupons and to use rebates sites when I online shop. They really do help you save.

  4. I don’t do a lot of online shopping but I am careful when shopping in stores. I’m always on the lookout for a good deal or special sale.

    1. I know what you mean because I am always using Ebates for beauty products. I love when they have double the percent cash back.

  5. Love online shopping. Amazon is my favorite. My tips: put things you’re interested in into your wishlist.Then you can see the prices change and the % drop from the time you put it in your list.

    1. I love Amazon shopping as well and with Prime it is great. I haven’t used the wishlist. Thanks for sharing and I am going to make sure to give that a try.

  6. I’m all about online shopping! These are some great tips. I always search for online coupons. Half the time I luck out!

  7. I never buy anything online without scouting for a retail-me-not coupon first! 🙂 I cringe when my hubby buys stuff online and says ‘no’ when I ask him if he used a coupon. Grrr lol

    1. You have to tell your husband to write you a list and then you can buy the items, save some money and get yourself something else. What did we do before all of these saving tools?!

  8. I am all about the online coupons and coupon codes. I’ve downloaded plug-ins or apps that alert me to available coupon codes; I subscribe to coupon code sites; and check sites like Retail Me Not. Free shipping is my favorite code – that could make or break a sale for me.

  9. I don’t shop online very often but I do love free shipping. The one website I usually shop from is Amazon. I have had online coupons in the past but like with regular coupons I always forget I have them. These are great tips though. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from #blogsharelearn

    1. Hi Michelle. I never used to shop online but now do most of my shopping from home. You have to remember your coupons. If you shop using ebates, you can find some of the coupon codes right when you search for the retailer.

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