Allure Beauty Subscription Box – October 2015

Allure, beauty box, beauty subscription, subscription box

Allure, beauty box, beauty subscription, subscription box

I have really been enjoying my Allure Beauty Box (formerly Allure Sample Society) especially since Allure took over the service two months ago.  The last two boxes I have received 6 products rather than 5 as I had with Sample Society.  As always, it comes with the Allure mini magazine which gives detailed information about each product.  This is the most descriptive explanation of any subscription I receive.

October’s box came with a nice variety of products that included body care, skin care, hair care, and color cosmetics. I haven’t tried all the products yet but the one that I will share my thoughts.

Bumble and Bumble All-Style Blow Dry Cream

Full Size price: $31 for 5 oz.            Deluxe sample received: $3.00 for .5 oz.

I enjoy receiving Bumble and Bumble products in my subscription boxes.  They are pricy products but I have found some that I feel are worth the price.  Allure says it is a lightweight cream to smooth hair and not make it flat.  The product claims to fight frizz (I need that), gives hair heat protection (that is also a need) and extending the life of a blowout (that would be a dream come true).  I can’t wait to give this a try soon.  I can say that it has a great clean scent.

bB All-Style Blow Dry Cream, Red Flower Lymphatic Photopower Sea Cleanser and Masque

Red Flower Lymphatic Photopower Sea Cleanser and Masque

Full Size price: $42 for 8.8 oz.            Deluxe sample received: $5.25 for 32.5 ml.

I was intrigued to get this product which claims to be both a cleanser (to remove dirt and makeup) and a masque (to plump up lines).  Could it be that I have finally found a product to take away any wrinkles and have the fountain of youth in a bottle.  Ok…that is a little over dramatic!  It feels lightweight and smells of bitter lemons which I don’t find offensive.  Allure says “I won’t believe how glowing, soft, and plump my skin will look”.  I better try this out quick.


Jouer Daily Repair Treatment Oil

Full Size price: $48 for 1 oz.            Deluxe sample received: $4.80 for .1 oz.

Jouer, skin care, treatment oil, anti-aging

This is the first product that I have ever received from Jouer.  I am very excited to try this products because the feel of it is a light oil.  It seeped right into my skin.  This is an anti-aging oil to moisturize and reduce fine lines and pores.  Should I feel self-conscious that I am getting multiple products for fine lines. For me, I am going to try using a drop of this mixed in my foundation to help give me a little bit of a dewy look.


Kryolan Lipstick Matt in Aurora, Eos, and Nike

Full Size price: $19.50 each            Deluxe sample received: No size given so a guess of value = $3.00

Kryolan, lipstick, matte lipstick

Although I had not used this brand previously, I was anxious to try these products out.  Kryolan is a professional makeup artist brand.  I was most drawn to the pink but I decided to test out the red.  Orange is a color out of my comfort zone.  It was dry in application so that had me Kryolan, lipstick, matte lipstick, swatchesworried.  The color looked beautiful.  Seeing the stains on my arm left after wiping away the swatches had me thinking these were going to be very long lasting. I had them on 7 hours through drinking water and coffee.  Finally, I ate dinner and most of the color had been removed except for a gorgeous even stain. Did I mention that these lipsticks passed the “kiss test” for no transfer.  The best part is even through they have a dry formula going on, I never felt them drying out my lips as they felt like velvet.  If I liked matte lipsticks, I do think this is a formula that I would purchase.


Cargo Eye Shadow in Flint, Pasadena, Oz, and Greenbay  Cargo, eyeshadow, greenbay Cargo, Eyeshadow, Greenbay, Cosmetics

Full Size received: $16

I love Cargo products and was glad to get one of their eyeshadows.  The choices I could’ve received were a greyish brown, a potent pink, a yellow gold, or the one I received which was a pretty green with gold flecks.  It gives a nice sheer wash of color on the lids.  In the swatch, it may seem as if it is brighter but it is perfect enough that you could put that on your lids with a coat of mascara and be done with it.


Rituals Ginkgo’s Secret Ginseng & Ginkgo Biloba Hand Balm

Full Size received: $17 for 2.5 oz.

Rituals, Hand Balm, Hand CreamI wasn’t sure what to make of this when I first pulled it out to use.  It is very think like butter and immediately feels greasy.  Then, about 15 seconds later, it is completely absorbed with your hands feeling so soft with almost a powder texture.  It this hydrates and heals dry, cracking hands during the winter, this may become a staple in my routine.  It is an interesting smell but it a very clean and a mix of green scent which I like.


Overall, this was a very good box with a retail value of about$49 which was not bad since I paid $15.  I liked the eye shadow the best with the hand balm in a very close second.  If you would like more information on the service, here is a link to the Allure Beauty Box.



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