First Makeup Swap with Makeup Momma

Makeup Swap with Makeup Momma

Makeup Swap with Makeup Momma

How this makeup swap happened.

This was a project to do especially with a friend.  Whenever I watch YouTube and see a makeup swap video, I always watch it. I love seeing what others buy for one another.  Stephanie or better know as Makeup Momma and I have been friends for almost two years and does quite a few swaps on her YouTube channel. When she asked me if I wanted to do one with her; I jumped at the chance. This was my first one.

We set a budget and started creating our idea lists for one another. Stephanie had hers done in record time. Me? Not so much! In fact, it took me way too long to decide what things I might want. How does that happen to a makeup addict? I had her items all purchased before she even received my list.

What we bought each other.

You can watch her video to see exactly what I bought for her. When I sent the swap package, I also included some surprise items for her birthday. She did get some great items from Kat Von D, Tarte Cosmetics, Nars, NYX Cosmetics, Wet N Wild, Flower Beauty, and Urban Decay.

Makeup Momma took great care of me as well. I will have my video linked below so you can see the exact items. My reactions were priceless! I received items from Too Faced, Urban Decay, Pur Cosmetics, Colourpop, and Lorac Cosmetics.

Would I do another swap?

The easy answer is ABSOLUTELY! The one thing I stress is I would only do a swap with someone I had known for awhile. I have heard stories of swaps gone bad where either one of the parties doesn’t send anything or sends products that are less than the amount on which was agreed. But, this was ultimately so fun and I hope I have an opportunity to do another at some point.


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