Summer Essential Products Collab with Zelma

Summer Essentials

Summer Essential Products

Why Summer Essential Products?

The Summer essential products video idea was from My friend, Zelma (from a Facebook group that we belong). When I saw Zelma post her idea on the Ladies Who Collab Facebook page, I asked to be a part of it and she was nice enough to agree. This was our first time partnering together and she is a lot of fun. I loved watching her video to see what were her Summer essential products.

Picking out products

I thought this would be an easy and short task putting my Summer essential products list together. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Looking through my large collection of beauty items, I kept finding more and more. I finally had to stop myself or the video listed below would’ve been an hour!

Overall, sunscreen is the most important Summer essential product in my opinion. When it comes to beauty and looking young, you need to take care of your skin. Sun on the skin without using sunscreen can cause premature aging.

I will have the video below but I also thought it might be helpful to pick out my top five Summer essential products and list them below. These are in no particular order!

My top 5 Summer essential products!

I can’t believe that Summer is half over. Fall will be here before you know it. Although I really like all of the products mentioned in my video, the 5 listed above are items that I use all year long. Hope you enjoyed and let me know what are some of your Summer essential products.


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