Online Shoppping

5 Money Saving Tips for Online Shopping!


I want to share my favorite five online shopping tips because I love to shop; yet, I don’t always find pleasure going into stores when I need (or want) something.  I have become an avid online shopper because of the convenience that it offers.  When I shop, I always try to look for a good bargain so I am going to share with you five ways to save and at time earning money.  These are my five online shopping tips below.

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IPSY Beauty Subscription “Prep School” August 2015

IPSY Subscription

Imagine my surprise when another IPSY bag showed up in my mailbox. Rewind to last month when I cancelled IPSY as soon as it arrived. I didn’t end up doing a review of July’s bag and although the products I received weren’t horrible, they were not ones that I would personally use. That has been the main issue with IPSY is that most months I do not receive products that I use. I have tried retaking the quiz numerous times and still it is the same.

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Allure Beauty Box July 2015

Subscription Box Review: Allure Beauty Box – July 2015

This is formally the Allure Sample Society box by Beauty Bar which is now being curated by Allure Editors.  The price of this subscription is $15 per month or you can purchase an annual subscription for $165 giving you one month free.  You will receive at least 5 deluxe size samples along with a mini magazine that include editor reviews.

Allure Beauty Box 2015

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Review: Simple Cleansing Micellar Water

There has been so much hype around Micellar cleansing water products with most brands being hard to get in the States primarily found in France. The most popular being Bioderma ($13.95, 250ml) which gets rave reviews for removing even the most stubborn makeup including waterproof mascara. I have not tried Bioderma as it has only recently become available in the U.S. at, so I cannot speak for its claims. Continue reading “Review: Simple Cleansing Micellar Water”

My Intro Blog

Welcome to my blogging site which will include a large majority of beauty and skin care items with reviews among other topics currently in development. We will also include some style and fashion whether it will be clothing and/or accessories. I want this blog to include a variety of genres so you may see lifestyle and travel as well. Sit back and enjoy awhile. I can’t wait to get to know all you lovelies.