Shopping talk, Walmart, Slotting fees

Shopping: Walmart begins charging slotting fees.


What does this mean for customers and brands?

Shopping talk, Walmart, Slotting fees

I ran across some articles in my newsfeed about Walmart beginning to charge slotting fees.  This is a drastic change to how Walmart has operated their business in the past.  The goal for the retail giant which operates over 11, 000 stores in 28 countries has always been to provide the lowest price on every product.

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Online Shoppping

5 Money Saving Tips for Online Shopping!


I want to share my favorite five online shopping tips because I love to shop; yet, I don’t always find pleasure going into stores when I need (or want) something.  I have become an avid online shopper because of the convenience that it offers.  When I shop, I always try to look for a good bargain so I am going to share with you five ways to save and at time earning money.  These are my five online shopping tips below.

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